The National
reader profile
Rate Base: 300,000
Readership: 5,100,000
Frequency: 6x
Median Age (years): 47
Median HHI: $125,000
Men: 45%• Women: 55%

Amtrak’s new national magazine capitalizes on the railroad’s unique position as the one true American company that unites the country. Whether you’re from Hollywood, the Rust Belt, or New England, taking the train means riding Amtrak. The National is a culture magazine that celebrates America. The National brings back the experience of travel – taking a break from the hectic nature of life to savor the personalities, culture and destinations that can be found across the vast Amtrak route network. Hand crafted by the country’s best writers, editors and designers, The National will delve into life along the Amtrak network.

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