Direct Action Media’s long-standing publisher relationships offer you unmatched reach and rates across the nation’s leading web properties, while our programmatic campaign expertise targets (and re-targets) your customers across the web.

For example, before you would just go to because you thought that’s where your audience was. Now we can use technology to go after your exact audience wherever they may be online… much more efficient, much less waste, and much more opportunity for optimizations towards performance metrics:

We take a data-driven approach to executing programmatic campaigns. This means we use real-time performance insights to dictate our optimizations. We’ll stretch your ad dollars and increase your ROI because:

  • Optimizations, including reallocating budgets and adjusting bids, are made on a dime
  • Budgets get spent where performance is best, not where you “thought” it would do best
  • Bids are determined by the market, so you never over-pay for what you want.

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